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Cocktail of the week: Cafe Bao’s bao-ppino – recipe | The good mixer

Think sgroppino, but with mango instead of lemon sorbet, and topped with vermouth and Campari: serve with a touch of theatre, complete with long spoon and doily

This lovely summer drink is inspired by sgroppino, the traditional Italian aperitif/palate-cleanser in which prosecco and vodka are poured over lemon sorbet. ​At our new restuarant, Cafe Bao, we use mango sorbet, not least because Taiwan is known for its sweet tropical fruits, and top it with Cocchi Rosa vermouth and prosecco. The vermouth’s floral and fruity notes complement the tropical sorbet, while the bitterness from the vermouth helps to counteract the sweetness of the fruit, keeping the drink super-refreshing. We serve this on a saucer, complete with doily, and with a long spoon like the ones you use for a knickerbocker glory.

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