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Health Products Producer PureNSM Highlights Best Practices


This company welcomes other health brands as their contract manufacturer to produce clean and tested dietary brands with greater transparency and purer ingredients.

(PRUnderground) June 9th, 2021

Increased regulatory rigger and cut-throat competition have pressured some of the better brands within the health brand industry to deliver higher-quality nutraceuticals. However, most health products manufactured today, have in them a heavy dose of what consumers consider questionable ingredients with words they do not understand. This is because it takes much more time to manufacture health products without cutting corners.

Even if a manufacturer wanted to go “clean” they would have to sell their existing equipment. Large encapsulation machines often simply cannot run without a heavy dose of fillers or bulking agents. Furthermore, patience must be built into the culture of such manufacturers. Also, a change to “clean labels” takes time and is not easy. This is precisely why PureNSM, a California-based nutraceutical and OTC contract manufacturer, comes into the picture.

According to Todd Runestad with New Hope Network, “PureNSM is a great example of a contract manufacturer that is meeting the moment of this clean label movement.” PureNSM is at the forefront of manufacturing clean and tested dietary aids. They specialize in manufacturing filler-free capsules and tablets without magnesium stearate and preservative-free liquid health products.

“Since our inception in 1993, our aim has always been to manufacture and deliver products that are pure, safe, and potent without toxic flow agents, fillers, artificial colors, or binders,” Oskar Thorvaldsson, founder of PureNSM said.

Since PureNSM wants to offer label owners the flexibility of low minimums at a competitive price without compromising on quality and purity, it became necessary to bring all testing in-house to avoid expensive testing fees and processing delays from third-party labs. “When a company tests as much as we do the testing bill will need to be kept at a minimum,” Thorvaldsson explained.

PureNSM is expanding and is currently improving output tenfold. “We are eager to keep lead times low to save our clients’ money and improve their cash flow positions,” said Dylan Barr, sales manager for PureNSM. Two-piece encapsulations are PureNSM’s main business, followed by tablet pressing and liquid nutraceuticals. When asked about how they avoid preservatives in their liquid products, Thorvaldsson explained that “we avoid the use of preservatives by lowering the water activity in their formulas, without any water, there is minimal growth.”

According to the laboratory director Karem Villegas, “DNA testing for health product identity is a total failure because it is impossible to test DNA that has become damaged in the extraction process.” Yes, DNA testing sounds good, but it’s only useful for testing unprocessed raw materials, before milling and extracting. PureNSM uses an FDA-recommended identity testing process called HPTLC for herbal health products. HPTLC stands for high Performance Thin Layer Chromatography, this process consistently finds the parts of the raw herbal extracts that do not pass identity testing.

Years ago, shortly after installing the CaMag HPTLC testing system, PureNSM rejected about 30% of their incoming botanicals. “Just like now we sourced all of our raw materials from the best US raw material supply houses and despite that had this dismal rejection rate of 30%. We now have about a 5% rejection rate. “Our suppliers know not to send us anything but their top -shelf raw materials,” Thorvaldsson said. “I pity the label owner that has their health brands made in a factory that is known by raw material suppliers for not testing for identity.

PureNSM is pioneering the health products industry with new and creative ways to consume dietary aids. One of the latest product offerings is oil-filled capsules that should not be confused with soft gels that include many plasticizers. The oil in capsules uses the normal tapioca, gel, or HPMC capsules that are regularly on the market.

PureNSM has also recently begun producing liposomal products, thanks to their new high-pressure homogenizer from Microfluidics (M815) for high-quality output of nano CBD, CBN, CBG, and select nutraceuticals and fish oils. This new breakthrough technology will allow vitamins to be broken down into nanosized particles that can be absorbed much easier by the body. For more information on the company, visit

Disclaimer: The statements made regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This press release is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Please check with your doctor. The news site hosting this press release is not associated with Pure NSM. It is merely publishing a press release announcement submitted by a company, without any stated or implied endorsement of the product or service.

About Pure Nutritional Supplement Manufacturers Inc

PureNSM specializes in taking a brand’s original formula or idea for nutritional products and turning it into a finished product that is ready to be marketed and sold. Whether a company is an individual looking to make his or her own unique product or a small business looking to expand its product line, PureNSM is the perfect choice to manufacture any or all of your brand’s nutritional products.

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