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Where to get crawfish in Texas and NOLA


Bust out the bib, corn and potatoes, and lemon wedges…It’s crawfish season, y’all! There’s no one that does mudbugs better than Texas and Louisiana, so we asked our Community Managers on the ground to round up their city’s most daddy-rific freshwater crustaceans for your head sucking or peeling pleasure.


“I got the captain combo (two pounds of crawfish with sausage, potato, corn, and a boiled egg) with the mix of seasonings and extra spicy…The crawfish was decent sized with a few bigger ones, and it was cooked so you can actually get juice when you suck the heads and the meat just slides out when you peel the crawfish. Like anyone that knows how to eat crawfish, I made sure to eat the ones buried at the bottom of the boil.” – Lin N 

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“Just the sight of it had my mouth watering and then once I tore off the head, the smell just hit me and I had memories of eating crawfish in NOLA just swimming around in my head. It was almost heavenly and I hadn’t even tasted it yet. I sucked the head and took out the meat from the tail and I was instantly in those Garnier shampoo hair commercials saying ‘YES!’ This was what I was craving and it definitely hit the spot.” – Gloria C

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“Great crawfish whole and tails, wonderful Cajun/El Paso spin with their Cajun tacos, and awesome drink specials everyday.” – Stacy B

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“Great spot for good Cajun crawfish! We came here after hearing great reviews about this place and wanted to try it out for ourselves. We got crawfish with spicy Cajun garlic butter and it did not disappoint! If you like Asian style crawfish and Cajun flavor, the Cajun garlic butter is the way to go. It’s not overly saucey and buttery like Viet style crawfish and has just the right amount of flavor and juiciness. The crawfish was fresh and many of them were big enough to eat the claw meat.” – Alice C

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“This place right here is the truth. I’ve been coming here for the last few months and it is amazing. The prices are well worth the quality of seafood…All I can say is do yourself a favor and get the Viet-Cajun anything. You will be back.” – Tiffany S

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“Been looking for a place just like this. Ma Harper is 86 years old* and makes everything homemade. The experience and knowledge shows through. We had a lb of crawfish to start (they have a crawfish boil every Saturday that crawfish are in season).” – John R

*Editor’s Note: She’s in her 90s now!

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