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Improved Circulation a Key Focus for Canadian Supplement Manufacturer Nutrition Plus Products Inc.


Kardovite Supplement Promotes Wellness Through Improved Vascular Blood Flow

(PRUnderground) February 20th, 2021

Most everyone agrees the heart is the most important organ besides the brain. Our hearts beat over 100,000 times per day to circulate ten pints of blood per minute through our bodies. Blood circulation delivers oxygen and nutrients to organs and tissue, and removes waste products from our bodies. If our hearts stop – circulation stops – and its game over! But long before that worst case, some may struggle for years with suboptimal health due to inadequate circulation.

If you were to poll Americans about where they rank good circulation as a health priority, in many cases it would be somewhere down the list. When Americans think of cardiovascular health, it tends to be about reducing risk factors for a heart attack, such as lowering cholesterol and blood pressure. The heart is of course critical – but healthy blood vessels and capillaries are just as important. Vigorous blood flow delivers numerous benefits and is a result of an overall healthy cardiovascular system. Are we taking this aspect of our cardiovascular health for granted?

Many people have experienced obvious symptoms related to poor circulation, such as cold hands and feet. But even moderately poor circulation can lead to organ degeneration, build-up of toxins, low energy, and impaired sexual function. An article in the August 2007 edition of Rheumatology discusses mounting evidence that vascular pathology plays a role in the initiation and progression of Osteoarthritis. Yet in North America circulation as a health concern is largely under the radar, rarely discussed in the health media.

What are the benefits of a healthy and vigorous circulatory system? The main purpose of circulation is to provide oxygen and nutrients to vital organs and body tissues. The delivery of oxygen and nutrients is called perfusion, and it is critical to our bodily functions. Poorly perfused organs are literally starving, and over time will lose their functionality and even shrink in some cases. The reverse is also true: vigorous circulation will result in noticeable health improvements. Higher energy levels, improved mental alertness, robust sexual performance, better digestion and even more regular bowel movements are among the many benefits.

Pharmacist Sam Ibrahim developed a supplement called Kardovite to help circulatory health. Sam became well known across Canada for his herbal medicine expertise. In Germany where he trained as a Pharmacist before coming to Canada, robust circulation is considered a health priority. He would often mention the German phrase “Kreislauf ist alles” to his patients, which in English means “circulation is everything”. He brought this focus on healthy circulation to his Canadian pharmacies, where he used herbal medicines to treat thousands of patients until he retired in 2005.

Both a healthy heart and a strong system of blood vessels are the key to good circulation. Sam developed Kardovite to support both heart and blood vessel function, so that many may benefit from improved blood flow. Sadly, Sam passed at an old age in March of 2020, leaving a legacy of popular supplements including Kardovite – see

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