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by Anonymous

How much do you charge?
Everyday, I walk by many, many, many people sitting in their cars, engines running, heat likely going, and lights on. I do not understand it. Its been posted here before.
Must be nice being able to sit in your car, engine and lights on, heater and radio on for your 15 min breaks, lunches, or waiting for something/someone, basically killing time.
Must be nice having money to waste on all that gas.
Must be nice thinking that gas and resources can be that expendable to you.
Must be nice not caring about wasting energy and not caring for the environment.
Its only when you have whatever it is that its okay to waste it, right?
I think not.
And so I’ve realized what it is that bugs me most about this action. Its like the movies when cops or bad guys are in cars doing stakeouts and surveillance, essentially spying.
But thats not most people are doing. Most people are looking at the phones. So whats dumber than sitting in your car with all your luxuries wasting away? Sitting in your car looking at your phone.
I dont understand what I don’t do.
I won’t do what I dont understand.
I dont have a car anyway, and I wouldn’t sit in my car and look at my phone if I did have a car.

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