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Help me remove kitchen sink cabinet plumbing


I am removing a sink cabinet temporarily to demolish the tile floor under it. The cabinet is going away in about a month when new kitchen cabinets arrive, so after demolishing the floor, I need to put it back temporarily to have a functioning kitchen sink.

The hot and cold water pipes are 1/2″ copper with sweated Ts for the taps for dishwasher and icemaker. The hole at the bottom of the cabinet is hard to get to due to cover but looks 1.5″ in diameter. The drain pipe is cemented as shown.

What is the typical procedure for removing these fixtures to swap out the cabinets? I don’t mind hacking up the back of this cabinet just so that I can easily remove and put back the existing sink but when the new cabinets arrive, I’m thinking I could heating up the reducing coupling (circled in red), cutting it across (shown in green) and peeling it from the drain pipe. Then I could remove the compression fittings on the copper Ts, Pull cabinet forward a bit to clear the drain, and lift the cabinet up, hoping the Ts will clear 1.5″ hole. This would avoid me doing unsweating of those T’s. Anyone has better suggestions? I have done some limited sweating (actually I added a pressure regulator to my water main and other minor jobs), so I have some experience. Should I just do that? Or since I need to put it back temporarily, should I just cut at the tees and go with Sharkbite fittings that I can remove and pit back at will?

Thanks, David
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