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Tiny Northeastern Iowa Town Experiencing Baby Boom

SAINT LUCAS, Iowa (AP) — It seems residents of Saint Lucas are doing their part to boost the tiny northeastern Iowa town’s population.

The town of about 150 is experiencing a baby boom, television station KCRG reported. Resident Courtney Schott said 19 babies were born to town residents from August 2018 to October 2019, and several families have announced that they’re expecting again.

The boom follows about 10 years of more young families settling in the Fayette County community.

“The town has completely changed from, you know, a bunch of retired people a bunch of young families, so it’s pretty cool,” said resident Eric Dietzenbach, who moved back to Saint Lucas with his wife in 2009 after several years away at college and some years spent in Des Moines. He and his wife now have four children.

Saint Lucas’ trend appears to be bucking what’s happening across the rest of the state. A new National Movers Study found slightly more people left Iowa than came into the state. The study shows 55% of moves were for people leaving the state, which ranks 10th in the nation. The study also found about a quarter of people leaving Iowa are between the ages of 18 and 34.


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