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Power transformer leakage in Phase Linear 700

Hi Friends,
I am rebuilding a pair of Phase Linear 700 series II’s with new White Oak Audio control and back-plane pcb’s. With most of the mods completed on the first amp, I am measuring a voltage ‘coupling’ or leakage between the primary and secondary.
With a Fluke DVM between the primary coil (neutral side) and the secondary winding centre-tap; there is 62 VAC, dropping to 43 V when the meter is shunted by a 1 Meg resistor…and down to 0.64 V with 10k shunt.
Just wondering if anyone has issues with primary to secondary leakage in power transformers, acceptable limits, etc,
Thanks and Happy New Year, Peter in Canada

PS; the PL transformer apparently is the most reliable part of these amplifiers and I have found no documented issues

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