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Looking for back-stop ideas for new workbench

Yesterday I put together a new workbench I received as an xmas gift. Here’s a pic, and I drew a little black box to mark the area I’m talking about.

I’d like to add something to keep things from falling off the back of the top, as it won’t be sitting perfectly flush against the wall in the garage. The top is 72 inches long. I’ve considered something as basic as a 1×4 board, or even a long piece of acrylic plastic. Just came here hoping for some different ideas of what to use. The top is solid oak so attaching something shouldn’t be an issue.

The majority of the time it will be up against the garage wall, so attaching something to the wall to fill in the gap would work as well, although having something attached to the bench would be useful in the event I have to move it around to work on stuff.

Edit: I like the pegboard ideas, however, the wall it will be on has shelving above it that doesn’t leave room for pegboard.

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