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I’m “trapped”

Hi everyone,

A “trap” question 🙂

My active monitors come with a small circuit, labelled “LC trap”, attached to the tweeter (Seas 27TBC/G).

The are two film caps, 2.2uF & 0.33uF and two small coils, 13uH & 114uH

* See attached photos and schematic

What does the circuit do?

Is it a filter? If so what frequency?

When the circuit is removed the sound it a bit brighter, not so dull.

Do I need the circuit?

Would installing higher quality caps be a benefit?

Much thanks !


Attached Images
File Type: jpg 0.33uf.jpg (789.2 KB)
File Type: jpg 2.2uf.jpg (801.4 KB)
File Type: jpg LC filter 4.jpg (53.5 KB)

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