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Grounding help: steel studs, ENT, and NM + M boxes


I have a structural steel stud condo with 5/8 Fireguard Sheetrock wall. Ref the picture below – I am wondering about grounding requirement given the metal box + steel stud + ENT. There are three conductors in the ENT, (W, B, G; 12 gauge THHN). The outlet at bottom (green) is original with a grounding screw on the box. The NM 2-gang outlet box (blue) is for a light switch and receptacle. The switch will feed the metallic sconce box at top and another one.

Given that none of the metal boxes at Lowe’s seem to have grounding screws, I’m wondering what to do with the ground wire in the sconce boxes, or if I should switch those to NM. My difficulty is that this is a 1hr firewall and that 11gauge steel studs SUCK to work with.

Any and all advice appreciated. This is a short-term vacation rental on coastal Carolina.

various outlet boxes in wall

Edit: this is the wiring I’m planning to follow – switch is a Lutron Caséta dimmer, and will be powering LED bulbs.

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