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Experiences with Makrolon/TUFFAK Polycarbonate in outdoor window applications?

Looking for people who have had experiences with Makrolon (now known as TUFFAK) Polycarbonate products in outdoor applications.

Over a decade ago I bought a big 1/8″ sheet and used it as a car windshield in a rally car build I had, and never had problems with it yellowing on me but I kept that car in the garage for years.

Unfortunately my memory fades me as to what the condition of that window was when I finally scrapped the car. It was parked outside for at least two years and an old google street view shows the window was still clear, but I thought I’d ask around.

Specifically I’m looking to buy the TUFFAK GP series and dollar for dollar it’s the same price as an Acrylic sheet (about $5/sq.ft) from Curbell Plastics.

My application is replacing some side windows in my airplane that have developed cracks over the years and are leaking water. The original material is Acrylic, but Polycarbonate would be an easier to work with replacement, assuming it wouldn’t yellow rapidly.

I know regular polycarbonate will yellow, and the stuff is soft compared to Acrylic, but I’m not all that worried about abrasion resistance. just UV damage.

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