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Valve amp diagnosis

Hello! Happy to be here and get to know you!
I recently purchased a Fender Excelsior Valve amp. My first valve amp by thw way.

It makes a lot of noise, like a humming, and it gets louder as i turn de volume up, getting to a sizzling or cracking sound.

The amp does not make any noise, at any volume, when no input jack is connected. When I connect the input jack, in any of the three channels, it starts making the noise. The noise gets louder and starts to sound like cracking as I increase the volume.
When I connect the guitar to the other end of the input cable, applying pressure to the guitar strings reduces the sound considerably.

I have played the same guitar through my friend’s Super Reverb and it makes no noise.

I want to know your opinion on the issue.

From what I’ve read, and I’m a newbie, it seems to me that one or both of the pre amp tubes is broken and needs to be replaces.

Thank you for your time!


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