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Moving a wall socket when installing new microwave

So after removing my old over the range microwave, I discovered that not only was it wired directly into the wall rather than plugged into an existing socket, but the writing was also directly behind the microwave rather than in the cupboard above.

So now I’m installing a wall socket. First question is, do I need to bother moving it to the cabinet above or can I take an easy way out by just installing the socket into the currently existing recessed space?

Second, can anyone confirm what the positive/negative/ground wires are? Pics below. The wires coming out of the wall are solid copper, with a white, brown (maybe used to be black?), and raw wire included. Coming out of the old microwave were white (attached to white), black (attached to brown/maybe black?), and the raw wire was attached to the green wire. Pics of all that below too. This is my first time working with such things and I want to be cautious.

Breaker is already turned off, by the way. Made sure I got the proper amperage wall socket as well.

Last pic is of the wire coming through the wall. Just wanted to make sure it was safe.

Pic of what the old microwave hooked in looked like:

Pic of the ends of the wires coming from the wall:

Pic of the wires pulled further out of the wall:

Really appreciate any help with this. Thanks!

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