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How to secure loose pipes behind shower wall?

Hi all. I bought my house almost 3 years ago and the master shower has been fine more or less but recently I noticed that when you grab the handle for the shower you can push it a good couple of inches left or right and the whole thing moves. Handle and shower head and all. So it appears that the pipes aren’t secure behind the wall.

I think the cover that goes over the hole for the valve/handle was previously calked to the plastic shower insert and that was what was keeping the pipes from moving before. But now that has come loose. My issue is that the hole is tiny and I don’t really see how I can get the pipes secured without ripping out the shower. Would something like an expanding foam work? Should I just caulk the cover like it was before and call that good enough?

If I ever have the extra cash to redo the bathroom I’d just rip it all out and secure things right. But that is not in the budget. So any advice would be appreciated.

Edit:The opposite side of the wall is another bathroom. So not sure if I’m willing to rip that wall up either. Maybe for now I’ll just spray foam and re caulk.

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