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False wall IB TC9 Floor to Ceiling Line Array

The TLDR question is basically that I’ve done quite a lot of reading about the various floor-to-ceiling arrays and it seems like there’s nothing preventing it from working infinite baffle, but am I missing anything in my research? Comments & advice welcome… more details follow.

Mounting would be wall integrated baffle, into a rear area approximately 3500 liters that I can specify whether or not it is open to the attic. See picture for rough plan for implementation. Custom framing of “false wall” (actual wall that will have no structural need, but will completely isolate front and rear of speakers) will allow for the baffle to be screwed directly to (or through with T-nuts) studs. Open back, possibly make it semi-enclosed with some foam / stuffing / fiberglass just to keep any dust from settling directly on the rear of drivers. Room will be ~12x18ft rectangle with the TV approximately centered on one of the long sides. The area to the left of the left speaker would be a closet for equipment with a door further to the left. Area below the TV will integrate some wall mounted shelving that matches whatever I use on the decorative over-baffle that gets used. Either veneer or Corian or whatever my wife picks.

The wall mounting is a WAF haggled implementation. I promise no speaker boxes in the room and she promises to be flexible with what I choose to do with the wall. So something is getting mounted to the wall (and likely run IB), but aesthetics needs to be a consideration.

The main alternative to the TC9 array is using a more normal speaker, probably the Modula NeoD CC as L/R, as I have been sitting on parts for 2 of those since well before all the drivers stopped being manufactured. To get appropriate bass extension with those, I’d likely need to add in subs, which would go in the labeled areas either on wall or in a manifold, again with support custom framed into the wall. I think with the line array, I can get adequate output down to 30Hz or so without a sub, which would make everything so simple and elegant, and is a good part of why I’m leaning towards the line array.

Either setup will likely be driven by 2 Hypex FA252 amp / DSP plates that I would fab a box for them with a quiet fan and sit in the equipment shelves. In the line array, they’d run bridged for 500W into the 5/5 series/parallel 8 ohm arrangement and in the normal speaker implementation run in 250+250 mode for separate power to sub & speaker on each side.

I should note that I am pretty “casual” in terms of listening and HT uses. I like great sound, but I don’t go overkill. Current speakers are basic vented 6.5 / 1inch dome 2 ways I hacked together quite some time ago and they run from the receiver amps… and realistically these are pretty adequate, despite being fairly mediocre drivers from a THD standpoint and the crossover being outright poor on phase alignment. Anything will be a decent upgrade, and implementing DSP will allow for response tuning to our liking. Planned output levels are decidedly sane, I don’t need things to play at 100+dB.

Thanks for any help.

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