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Car bottoms out on Top of downward sloping driveway, we would love to do a DIY fix

Like the title says, we just bought a new house, and our cars are bottom out (about a foot or two before the REAR wheels in the middle) on top of the driveway.

At first we were looking into a bridge for the curb, but realized the driveway at the top has been patched/repaired a few times it may be uneven humps that the cars are getting stuck on.

We can get one car down with minor scraping, that will obviously get worse over time, and my car a sedan felt like I was gutting my car.

This is our first home, and our first issue with something like this. We would like to avoid buying new cars, it’s just not in the cards for us right now, and would like to avoid redoing the whole driveway. Ideally, we would like the most cost effective options and can always fix curb appeal later. We are not worried about appearance right now, just functionality.

Could a bridge still alleviate this issue? Or should we look into grinding down the asphalt or jackhammering the built up repairs and laying some quick concrete? Or, should we try and build a wooden ramp or something?

Pictures of driveway:

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