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Cabling over a vaulted ceiling

So I need to make cat 6 run through my house to set up my home lab and generally just get most devices hardwired. My main hurdel right now is the living room has a vaulted ceiling as well as the only working coxial input. So I need to run a cat6 run over my vaulted ceilings to drop a switch in the living room to handle media devices. All my neighbors seem to have just gone the lazy route and wrapped thier houses in Ethernet cable like a some kinda silicone valley Christmas tree. I would really like to avoid this. There is a gap at the top of my vaulted ceiling I am super skinned (5 9 140lbs) is this something you would just crawl across or do you have to figure out some kind of channel since this can’t support the weight of a person alligator crawling accross

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