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Hiwatt t40 white noise..souffle

Hi guys,
I’m luca from me for my english.. 😀 I often repair amplifiers ss or ts and when I have a money I built someone of them.. It’s my passion!
Yours site is a great place of information where all can growing! thank you!
But..let’s get to the point..
I have to repair a hiwatt t40 (I don’t find the complete schematic) that has a loud fffffffffff …a wind souffle (hardly like a white noise) when I increase the master pot.
I found a power schematic, schematic post master and I made a great effort of reverse engeneering to write a part of schematic where the noise is generate.
This latter is generate between t3 and t4, the first two 12ax7, precisely on -+15v.. so, after the signal passes through the opes.
I replaced the two 4558s, all 15v’s caps, resistors and zeneres, master pot and valves..the noise is always there..ideas, tips, helpssss????:(
please! and.. thank you all!

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File Type: jpg t20 Phasesplitter.jpg (150.9 KB)
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