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Driver Measurements

Looking for help with modelling enclosures for the SB Acoustics SB15NRXC30-4. This is a five inch woofer which I will be paring with the SB29RDC-4 tweeter. I have two woofers per enclosure so a 2.5 way is the plan in a 25 litre enclosure according to WINISD. WINISD suggests a 3″x7.5″ port which seems big for such small woofers. This will fit in the box but does this seem right?
I have used DATS V2 and the measurements are different from manufacturer specs.. SB give the VAS as 16.7L but DATS says around 10.78L. Fs is also 41hz according to SB but DATS gives me around 50hz for three of the drivers and 57hz for one of them!
I am just a bit concerned to cut a three inch hole in a box but if its normal to be so far off manufacturer specs then I will go ahead.
WIN ISD plots below and any advice from someone who’s used them would be appreciated.

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