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Best ways to add balanced output to line-level circuit?

Hey everyone,

I’m working on a circuit and the output stage is currently a 1Vpp wave coming out of a TL074 op-amp. I would like to include a balanced output (1/4″ TRS), specifically one that can also be OK with an unbalanced situation (1/4″ TS).

I have a few Cinemag transformers (CMOB-4: 600:600ohm & CM-10100: 10k:10k) on hand. I tried the CMOB-4 and it did work, but I don’t know if the situation is “ideal”. Is a TL074 OK with driving a 600 ohm primary? and is a 600 ohm secondary appropriate for going out as Line-Level audio – where presumably it would be going into things with 100k input impedance.

I’ve also seen that there are some dedicated chips for “balanced line output” but I’ve never tried one before.

Maybe there are some other circuits I should be looking at?

I’m also wondering if I can I just invert the signal with a 1x gain inverting op-amp stage as the negative part of the balanced signal? If it has a 1K resistor in series with the output, presumably it wouldn’t freak out if it gets grounded by the TS cable in the unbalanced application?

Thanks in advance!

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