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water seeping into a four foot foundation crawl space added onto the six foot foundation of the house when built

In 1960, the builder poured a 6 foot foundation to build my parents home and then he decided to length the home. He had a 4 foot foundation dug to extend the living room and kitchen area, ( now under a 4 foot sand crawl space.)He left an opening the size of a window between the cellar foundation and the added 4 foot foundation. One can use a step ladder and step on the platform and look at the sand and mud where this added foundation lies. Then the builder attached a garage to that extension which sits on a slab. Now we are getting water seeping into the bottom of the 4 foot foundation at the back of the house situated next to the garage. The area (crawl space) has mud puddles when it rains and some of this water flows down onto the cellar floor. The gutter in the back has long extensions to draw off the water; the gutters seem to not leak; a new cement walkway replaced a cement cracked walkway in this area of the back of the house. I also noticed a stream of water travelling down the perimeter of the cement walkway on the side of the garage which is the side of the house. Help! I am out of ideas. Joan

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