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Trim intersection issue

So long story short a carpenter hung the cabinets in my moms kitchen and did the detail trim around them… I have to finish it to get to the point where I can tile.

How do I make the run in of these two contours not look ridiculous….the cabinet layout slams the casing right on the edge of the cabinets. And from what I can tell which you can see in the picture he cut the bottom trim on the cabinets to leave enough room for the tile backsplash. I kind of have an idea of how to kind of get these two trims to meet up but it involves me pulling off the bottom trim on the cabinet and mitering it to match the casing angle …..but god that’s going to look funny to me. I’m up for any ideas. Casing is going to be white as the snow and I’m not using caulk at all between the two pieces

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