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How to Remove a Screw (That is not Stripped) From a Bent, Metal Frame

Hello. I am trying to remove two screws from a metal, in-wall media enclosure. This is the type of media enclosure.

It has a metal panel as a cover, but I cannot unscrew the panel from the frame; the screws are not stripped, I can turn them just fine. It just appears that the metal frame was bent, and so trying to loosen the screws, the threads always just catch again. Here is a picture of one of the stuck screws in the frame and panel. Right now I just want to remove the panel to work on the IT equipment inside, and probably replace the panel with a hinge panel instead once I’m done. I have tried unscrewing while pulling out with the claw of a hammer, pulling and unscrewing with pliers, and pulling off the panel while unscrewing. They’re really stuck in the metal it seems.

How can I get these screws out? No suggestions I find online seem pertinent to this problem, as they mostly concern stuck screws that are overtight, or screws that are stripped. What about screws that only spin in bent frames?

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