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Help with tire ceiling light project

We are designing my son’s new big boy room which will be themed around retro looking vehicles. For reference, here’s the sheet set we got which is a good indication of the style:—pillowfort–8482-/-/A-52857894

The one thing we are still without is a ceiling light. I just found this and we really like the look:, however we would probably do a flush mount setup. Currently we just have a light bulb mounted in the center of his room with the plans on replacing it with a fixture. However, my thought was leave the plain bulb there, mount a painted tire around it against the ceiling, and add some kind of round diffuser on the inside diameter of the tire.

Any thoughts on this plan? My biggest questions is how I would go about securely fastening the tire to the ceiling. My thought was using 3 ceiling hooks that I can rotate to hook on the underside of the tire lip, where the rim would fit into. So, essentially, mount the 3 hooks around the bulb, slide the tire up into place, rotate the hooks so that they overlap the lip, and release the tire so it rests on the hooks. Any potential problems with this idea? Is there simply a better way to do this? I guess I could also just bolt through the tire itself.

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