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USA Mains black to device black & Mains red to device white

First of all let me get this out of the way: Some things are not designed to work with the higher voltage and if that’s the case then obviously you wouldn’t attempt it with that specific device.

However, many modern devices are rated for a very wide input voltage range of 100-250 volts. The catch is these devices are still only single-hot-pole (like the 230 volt system in the EU uses only a single hot wire.)

Here in the USA, we have two-hot-pole 240 volt. Meaning there are two hot wires at 120 volts each.

Why can’t I use both these hot wires on regular devices (as long as it states it supports 100-250 volts?) I would wire it as black hot to appliance black & red hot to appliance white/neutral.

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