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Trying to troubleshoot a dryer that runs, but won’t heat!

I have a really old GE dryer, Model 710 E2 W. I started it one day a couple of weeks ago, left for a while, and came back to find it still running, well after it normally shuts itself off.

Now it will spin, but it won’t get hot at all on any setting.

I’ve tested the High Limit and Control thermostats, both of which are reading as electrically continuous.

The element itself is not broken anywhere, and is also passing the multimeter’s continuity test on both sets of coils.

I haven’t found a thermal fuse anywhere in the dryer, or mentioned in the schematic on the back of the dryer.

I’ve also cleaned out any excess lint.

I’m all out of ideas at this point, but really can’t afford to be buying another dryer right now! I’d appreciate any help or suggestions


One of the connectors to the motor’s centrifugal switch had snapped off. New connector on the wire and it’s heating again!

Thanks /u/Sevulturus for mentioning that switch or I would never have thought of it.

Now I just need to reassemble the entire thing…

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