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Glass sheet mounting question

We have a rectangular opening at the top of a bedroom wall (94.5’’ x 12’’). We put this space in while putting in the wall, it’s framed with 2x4s and finished with drywall.

Question is: we’d like to get a piece of tempered glass ( .25’’ thickness is the current advisement from the glass supplier) to put in this space.

The supplier suggested u channels on top and bottom but the issue is getting the glass into the channels since we’d like the glass to fill the entire space (no sliding the glass in from the side).

I’ve considered moulding on both the top and bottom – it’s not super attractive but I can’t think of another method of securing the glass, considering the parameters. There are also some clips out there but I don’t know if they are wise for this use.

As to why we have this ‘hole’, it’s a bedroom that was added to a basement, covering 2 windows that provided a lot of light. The hole lets a bit of the natural light into the rest of the basement.

We want to cover the hole in glass because a heater in the bedroom isn’t very effective when the heat goes out the hole 🙂


Edit: pics.

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