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electrical current detected in the stud

I have an electrical current detector that is beeping positive on the 2/6 studs that the 12/3 romex three way wire runs through. The door header that the wires run over at one point also continuously beep positive if I touch the southward current/voltage detector to it. If I turn off the breaker for the light switch, cutting power to the wire, the studs are no longer beeping positive for current. I pulled the wire myself. I also installed the breaker box in this new construction shop. 1/2 I have spray foam insulation in the wall some of which is on the wires. My studs are open so I can see most of the wire and don’t detect any breaks. Could this be a ground issue? or perhaps the spray foam is conducting the field? Of do I need to pull the wire and rerun it because this means my have a leak into the stud. And most importantly, is this a fire issue. Any suggestions.

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