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Local Dealer – Roll my eyes!!!! Passives with a DSP

As most of you know I am a dealer for many brands.

I received a call from a customer asking me about a replacement amp for his Phoenix Gold amp he is having issues with. He was asking about ARC and Zapco.

I asked him more about his system and he rattled off a really nice system, including AudioFrog GB15/GB60/Passive Crossovers for the front stage, AudioFrogGS62 for rear fill, Factory HU into a Helix DSP.3, GB Sub and the Phoenix Gold Amps running it all.

Anyone else catch the “passive crossover” with a Helix DSP.3? I asked him about it and he said the owner of the shop where he purchased it feels more comfortable with running passives so the tweeter won’t get damaged. I asked if he knew about $2 caps that would solve that concern….the customer knew about them but said the owner was insistent.

I told him once he gets the amp issue sorted out, he needs to ditch the passives and use the DSP for its intended purpose, have it properly tuned, and his sound quality should increase greatly.

I don’t understand other than the dealer not knowing how to properly tune the DSP or something. Kinda like having a Ferrari and only being able to drive in residential neighborhoods.

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