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Hydrogen Cutter

So first thing first. End result of this project will hopefully be a working, stable, hydrogen flame/cutter. I will use it for a wide variety of /diy/ projects, but my original inspiration was for a flame in the Verneuil Process for the making of a synthetic corundum.

I made a rough sketch of my idea, see the picture. I’m sorry the scribling is in my native language. Hopefully the idea is somewhat clear. Translated from left to right:
12 volts
kathode, graphite
anode, graphite
steelwool/copper wire

The idea is to perform electrolysis of water to create the perfect gas composition needed for the flame. Most of my reservations is doing this in a manner that does not build too much pressure or gas and becomes a safety concern. The steel wool is there to prevent a blowback event. Not sure if it would work, but it was the only idea I had. The second water tank is a secondary measure against blowback. A sort of water lock. The drawing does not show it, but the connecting hose between tanks actually goes deep into the secondary tank. I wanted to stop all chances of gas reaching back to the first container where I expect a large amount of gas will build up.

The first tank is fairly self explanatory. Two electrodes and only one way for the pressure to escape. I’m not too sure about the voltage settings that would be ideal. I am currently using 12v in my inital builds cause I’ve got a few car batteries standing around, and a few chargers to feed continuously. I built a prototype of this device using aluminium plates as electrodes, and it was producing gas. But the surface area was too small to create any flame, and the entire setup was too small scale. Was basically two Tupperware boxes. Next attempt will be with 20 litre jugs, and copper brake lines I have lying around. I understand these will degrade over time, and may decrease O output, but I was hoping free air would compensate for this at the nozzle.

All advice and criticisms are welcome

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