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Nimble 5.0 CRM Has Small Business Updates

Take a Tour of the New Nimble 5 CRM

There’s a new team relationship manager from Nimble that syncs with hundreds of business apps and adds personal insights. Nimble 5.0 is a major update to the CRM for Office 365 and G Suite they already offer.

Nimble 5 CRM

The product also offers new integrations. It syncs with Office 365, Teams, Edge, PowerBI, Dynamics 365, and applications built with Azure. Nimble 5.0 also has a better contact record, better activity tracking and more privacy.

Upgrade for Small Business

Small Business Trends spoke with Nimble CEO Jon Ferrara about what it can do for small businesses.

He talked about the big picture.

“CRM systems aren’t just about sales teams. They’re for everybody in the company,” he says. “”These should be a centralized contact tool in every business.”

So, what’s in Nimble 5.0 that will make a difference to small businesses?

Front and center is the built-in contact sync. This business friendly feature has a ramped up contacts section .  It does more than just corral in data from business apps. It also allows businesses to share social and personal insights.

Ferrara explains the significance.

“The key thing that Nimble 5.0 delivers to the market is the fact that it’s built for Office 365 and G Suite as a layer on top. It unifies gmail, social and calendar and all of the business apps that every business uses.”

Over 130 Business Apps

That means that your small business can get Salesforce, HubSpot and even QuickBooks under one roof. In fact, Nimble syncs with over 130 business apps

“These apps can be otherwise siloed in today’s businesses,”  Ferrara says.

The redesigned contact record allows you to get info on contacts in one view.

Bringing everything together this way prevents the need for toggling back and forth. This contact record is a one stop tool for everything from trackable email templates to log activities. You can even scan a contact’s social media interactions from here.  This new feature is at the heart of the redesign.

Add The Basics

The new revamp has moved a prospect’s history position too. The over all theme is about allowing a entire organization to have access to the data and not just the sales team.

“More importantly, with the new Nimble you can easily add the basics like adding notes and scheduling tasks.”

There’s more.

The Activities Listing Tab and Custom Activities Types feature builds on the momentum created . This allows you to schedule the next step with the prospect or contact. Once again, it brings everything together and shows the scheduled activities for your small business. It’s another way of keeping everybody on the same page digitally.

It’s a great way for teams to interact with each other and managers to coach them. This feature and the new contact record work to one end goal.

Activity List View

“With the new contact record and activity list view, it’s easier than ever to schedule and log the custom things you’ve done,” Ferrara  says.

The company brought the ability to bring templated email messages over from an earlier version too. That includes the open details plus another feature.

What’s really interesting and innovative is the flexibility of this. You can take advantage of it from wherever you happen to be working. For example, Nimble is able to bring up all the information on a prospect when you’re interacting in social.

How to Get Started

Information about Nimble 5.0 can be found on their FAQ page. Try a trial version here.

Image: Nimble

This article, “Nimble 5.0 CRM Has Small Business Updates” was first published on Small Business Trends

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