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10 Top Sales Training Techniques for Your Small Business

10 Top Sales Training Techniques for Your Small Business

Making sure your sales teams are well equipped is important for any small business. In fact 90% of SMBs use proven methods to make their sales teams better at their jobs.

Sales Training Techniques

Here’s the 10 top sales training techniques for your small business.

Build a Team

First things first. Sophie Miles CEO & Co-founder of supplies some advice on building a sales team if you don’t have one.

“In the case that it is a very small business, it can be formed by the sellers,” she writes. “Or if it is a larger company, it can be a specialized sales area.”

Give goals to accomplish every week and constant feedback.

Don’t Assume

“It is so easy to make assumptions as sales people because we hear what we want to hear,” writes John Hill, Founder Adapted Growth.  “We have to make sure that we are asking clarifying questions to keep that from happening.”

Examples include questions like: “How long has this been an issue for you?”

Play Different Roles

According to Hill, you should practice your techniques in front of a colleague. You should never use a technique for the very first time on a prospect.

“Build a culture around the idea that sales ability is not fixed, and that it can be improved,” he writes.

Understand Motivation

People have different motivations and process information in different ways. Studying your prospects will help you understand these dynamics to make a sale.

For example, you can learn about their personality from the knickknacks in their office.

Create Scarcity

This is all about creating a sense of urgency to close the deal. Creating a limited time offer is one technique that works. There is evidence that colors can make a difference in your sales techniques. For example, red is known to create a sense of urgency.

Avoid Ultimatums

Andres Lares is the Managing Partner at The Shapiro Negotiations Institute. He says sales people need to avoid pressuring prospects with a take it or leave it choice.

“Presenting your potential client with one product option can put a lot of pressure on the client. It can often feel like an ultimatum,” he writes in an email. “However, providing too many options can be overwhelming and make it less likely the potential client chooses one.”

The solution is simple. Provide your client with three options that you find acceptable.

Offer A Safety Net

Lares also suggests a safety net is a good idea if you can’t make the initial sale. You can use your own version of the money back guarantee, free trial or product pilot to close a deal.

Filter Your Leads

Qualifying a lead to see which ones are likely to pay off is a good practice. Key factors should include their budget and requirements. Determine if they have the money and need for what you are selling.

 Do More Field Work

Getting your teams out in the field helps them to perfect the techniques they learn. Having employees take notes during live sales calls is one technique. Your team can critique the results and learn from them.

Integrate Sales with Other Departments

Letting your sales team mix with other departments helps them to learn about customer service and product development.  It gives them a better overview of the goods and services you’re selling.

A guided tour every month pays off in the long run.


This article, “10 Top Sales Training Techniques for Your Small Business” was first published on Small Business Trends

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